Crazy Motor

Company Profile- Motor Winding Manufacturer
Customs BLDC Motor

Based on our team more than 18 years of experience in Johson Electric and GE Motors; We are full of experiences and capability in manufacturing high performance and excellent quality  motors with competitive cost.  We Provide All

-in-one solution for our customers on stator lamination, stator winding and motor customization;  Small quanity sample order is welcome and we are flexible to accept small orders with good quality control experiences;

Our services and products:

1. Standard BLDC Motor for Drones, UAV and Quadcopter

2. BLDC Motor design and motor design simulation services

3. Customs BLDC Motors, Servo Motors, Induction Motors;

4. Customs Stator Winding Services for types of motor

5. Standard stator lamination and Customs Stator Lamination

Our Expertise

1. 18 Years of Motor Design and Manufacturing  Production

2. Abundant Knowledge of Types of Motor: Brushless Motor, Servo Motor, Brushed Motor, Induction Motor, Reluctance Switched Motor, EV Motor Etc...

3. Theory Simulation, Mechanical Design, Process Design, Cost Control, Production Process Optimization, Motor Testing Platform;

4. Stator Lamination, Stator Winding, Stator Cusomization, Motor Customization

Our Team

Mike Qi-18 Years of Motor Design and Manufacturing

2000-2009   Production Engineer, Senior Production Engineer and Production Manager-Johson Electric Motor

2009-2014 GE Motor/// Project Manager of R&D Dep.

2014-2017 VP& Production Director of ABJ Motor

Andy Yang--Phd. Professor

1. 12 Years of Motor Design and Simulation

2.  Full Knowledge of typs of Motor Electromagnetic Design

Our Facility- UAV Motor manufacturer


As professional BLDC Motor and UAV Motor manufacturer, we have about 3000 m2 building area and we have built with 3 motor assembly production line with capacity of produce more than 10k pcs motors; our equipment and facility as below:

  • Winding Machine: 2 Sets

  • Production equipment: insulation removing machine, compressor machine, thermostats etc...

  • Testing: Hi-Pot, Surge Wave, Resistance, Dynamic Balancing etc...

drone motor manufacturer     drone motor manufacturer

              Production Line                                                                                              Warehouse

drone motor manufacturer     drone motor manufacturer

                Winding Machine                                                                                      Motor Testing Platform

Quality Control-Quadcopter motor manufacturer

Quality Control:

Quality is the life of the products and we see it also our core value to meet our customer needs. Our team has been more than 20 years experience on motor manufacturing who knows the quality level that you want and we can realize it by our management and technology; Some of our ideas and solutions for quality control:

1. All workers has been trained with experience according to our procedure and must pass exams to do important process

2. WI will be created for all of the projects that has been approved to mass production; also we have standard WI for workers to obey for common orders to ensure all motor assembly process  conform the correct procedure;

3. We do critical process inspection and testing to screen failures and improve Final Products Failure ratio;

4. All motors will be tested strictly to verify the design and also we will be aging testing for our customer if it is necessary;

5. A formal testing and inspection OQC Report will be provided and shipped together with the motor products

6. The motors will be packaged and protected with customized pearl cotton to agianst damage during transportation

quadcopter motor manufacturer    quadcopter motor manufacturer    quadcopter motor manufacturer

Manual Winding                                          Working Instruction                        Qualit Control Flow Chart

drone motor manufacturer    drone motor manufacturer    drone motor manufacturer  

Testing                                                                Inspection Report                                        Package