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Customs Stator Coil Winding Services

Motor Stator Coil Winding  Services includes:

1. Outer Stator and Inner Stator Coil Winding and customization: three phase motor winding, dc motor winding, electric motor winding, BLDC motor winding, Inducution Motor Winding, Reluctance Switch Motor Winding,

2. Tin Soldering

3. Silicon Soft  Wire Soldering and other types or Exit Wire Customization

4. Tin with Heat Shrink Tube Packaging

5. Resin Varnish Coating(Pregnation and Dipping)

6. Resistance Testing and Hi-pot, Surge Voltage Testing

7. Motor stator Slots Wedge Assembly

8 NTC Temperature sensor Assembly and measurement;

Process of dc motor stator coil winding services order as below:

1. A technical stator coil winding drawing provided by customer with info.: stator dimension, magnet wire spec., winding turns, winding diagram, tin lengths, wire thread lenghts, testing requirements etc...

2. We will do engineering evaluaiton and quote within 2 working days.

3. Stator core laminations provided for winding

4. Winding tooling being designed and start the winding;

5. Tin soldering and wire soldering,  Resin Coating, Testing etc...

6. Inspection and Package

Equipment & Technology

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    Manual Winding                                            Automation Outer Stator Winding Machine

Winding Samples