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Customs BLDC Motor Design Simulation Services

As we know the electromagnetic simulation is crucial for Customs BLDC motor design and it is basis of motor structure designa and coil design, our simulaiton services is benefit for your new projects; if you have a mechanical design team and can complete the structure design by yourself, then our simulation and magnetic design services is perfect for you;

The major steps of to design a motor as below:

1. Confirm the motor performance design requirment and running condition with restriction

2. preliminary design the motor parameter such stator, rotor, magnets and coil;

3. Motor performance calculation and analysis

4. Design optimization and parameter adjustment

5. 3D model creation build-up and pre-treatment of simulation

6. Motor free-load performance simulation and result analysis

7. Motor load performance simulation and result analysis

8. Adjust the Motor design spec. based on simulation result.

9. Simulation Report creation and Create parts drawing.


Customer will own the electromagnetic all rights once you paid the simulation and design fees