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What does kv mean for brushless motor

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What does kv mean for brushless motor

KV is one ofcrucial parameter for Brushless Motors except the common spec. such as dimension,weight, voltage, free load current, max current etc…, KV is important to forBLDC Motor Performance; KV is being used for measurement of sensitivity ofMotor speed with voltage increase, for example Kv4000, That means the motorspeed increase 4000 rpm by voltage increase 1 volts;

Physical meaning: speedincrease for every volts increase

Physical Unit:rpm/V

How to selectsuitable Kv Motor for your drones?

Kv is related to torque,smaller Kv, Large KV and it is suitable for high voltage and big propeller; astory to ensure you can have better understanding: if you use a big kv motor tosuit with big propeller, that equivalent that you use a small horse to drag aheavy car and the horse will tired and dead; if you use smaller KV Motor tomatch with small propeller that means you use a big horse to drag a smaller carvehicle and it is waste of horse resources.

Most importantly,you should consider your drone dimension, weight, battery model, liftingweight, flying time and your budget; by combining all of your needs to selectmost suitable Kv value for your drones.

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