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Future Belongs to “Brushless”

                           Future Belongs to "Brushless"

Brushless motors, as bright younger generation, becomes more and more popular in various field and are attracting more and more attraction. The motors are going to “Brushless ” generation?

Brushless are named because it do not have brushes and commutator. It comprise with motorsand the driver, it is typical electronic-mechanical products. As a younger of motor field, it is not so long to go into China. But its

development are vibrant due to its advantage on performance though it prices are higher than other motors. It has been widely used in the field of Home Appliances, Automobiles, Boats and Drones systems;

Why Brushless dc motor will have “position”?

High Cost is the weakness of the BLDC motors, but why it still has more and more marketshares? This are similar as Apple phones, because if the quality and usage experience is valuable to attract the customer, they will pay it when they only have alternatives from quality and prices.

What is the advantage of Brushless motor?

What is the advantage of the brushless motor to attract users?

First, brushless has more compact and small volume, light weight. This meet the requirementson light weight, high-precision design concept.

Second,Due to the permanent magnets are being used in the brushless dc motor, it has lower magnet loss for

the rotors. So it has higher efficiency. At the same time, using permanent magnets can re-long motor life time

and simplify maintenance.

Finally, Brushless dc motor are run with self-control mode, no step-loss and shock will be generated when the load

are changed. If a suitable algorithm are used, it can improve its thermal resistance performance and can get a better speed range and better effective time. Also the output torque are better.  

In short, small volume, light weight, long life time, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, no spark, high reliability, stable performance, and easy to maintenance are attracting more and more attention under the concept of “small, light, thin” product. Now many countries are invest a lot on the R&D of brushless dc motors.

Now, brushless motor are widely replacing old dc motor speed controller, converter+ speed controller, stepper motor+ reduction . it integrates the traditional dc motors advantage and cancels Carbon brush traveller. Now the life time of brushless more are time of brush motors.

Besides, due to loss has been avoid caused by carbon brush, it saves 20%-60% power, so for the cost point of view, it can compensate the manufacturing cost when take the power-green factor into consideration. At the same time,

this compromises with the concept of “energy conversation and environment protection”. So brushless motors are the trends in future.