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How to choose motor for quadcopter


How to Choose Motor for Quadcopter

1. Motor Type Selection:

Normally in the market there is three types motor can be used for Quadcopter, Brushless dc motor, brushed motor and slotless motors; the brushed motors has been eliminated due to its efficiency is too low and will cause shorter flying time by a battery driven drones; at the same time, the slotless motor is not being used for professional quadcopters, due to its life time is shorter than BLDC Motors; So a High performance and high efficiency BLDC Motor from is your best choice;

2. System Weight and lifting Force

Before selecting motors, the first thing should be considered is the total weight of the Quadcopter and according to this weight to select max lifting force of the motors; according to experience, the total weight should be less than 2/5 of total lifting force; Because the quadcopter should do Move back and force, Lefting-Right Moving and fast speed acceleration moving besides the take-off action, at same time, if there is Freeze, the drones and quadcopter should overcome freeze resistance force; So if the total weight of the system over 2/5 of the whole motor lifting force, may leads the drone is stupid for fast action; for example, if a drone motor include the battery is about 1.3kg, then the total lifting force of the motor should large than 3.25kg; so if you use 4 motors for this quadcopter, then the max. motor lifting forces should be >813g

3. Suitable Motor KV value

As we introduced in previous article, the Kv value means the rpm increase by voltage increase every volt; for same power motors, higher Kv, Means it can has farst action; Vice Verse, a smaller Kv motor can output larger torque with slower action; for the players, if you select higher kv, then you can amazing Racing result, while you have to select a smaller Propeller

4. The Max Current:

because the motor is Driven by the Driver controller and the battery, so you must ensure your max motor current is less than the battery and Driver Controller;

how to choose motor for quadcopter